Thursday, May 16, 2013

3 years Celebration chopanniversary / 3 años sin alisado

It's the journey that matters not the destination!! Well I can happily say that my journey has been amazing, full of learning and full of curls.

Many of you have asked me about my routine and here it is:
  • I wash my hair every week with a sulfate shampoo, this day is the only day that I detangle and allow my fingers to go throughout my hair, after shampoo I detangle my hair with a generic conditioner like Coconut Suave, Pantene or Tresseme moisture conditioner, right after I rinse out the conditioner and my hair is knots free I apply a deep treatment and go under: (a) the hair steamer (b)hair dryer or  (c) a conditioner cap. Right after 30 minutes or so I rinse out the DC, the I seal in the moisture in my hair with my oil mix and apply a curl defining cream (I don't use gel). you can find some of my favorite products here.
  • I moisture every day with a light leave-in or moisture cream
  • I massage my scalp at night with a light/moisture oil mix
  • I do not touch or do any style on dry hair, if I want to do a bun, puff, side updo, ect. I spray my hair with a spray water bottle (water, oil and leave-in mix)
  • I do not tight my hair too tight or use accessories or rubber bands that may pull my hair out 
  • I love home made conditioner as a pre-poo. I do it at least 2 times a moth.
Added to this routine and important as well are:
  1. Drinking water
  2. Heathy eating
  3. Vitamins 
  4. And exercice 
Natural Hair 
Here is for many more!!!
You can watch my transformation on this video, fast forward to 06:17 so you don' have to listen to me speaking Spanish, lol

Tell me about you, are you transitioning? Did you do the big chop? For how long have you been natural?