Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring most have accessories for Curly natural hair/ accesorios para la primavera

This is the perfect time to use hair accessories: headbands, ponytails and clips, head wrapping,  ect...
Here are some ideas and where to find it...please share any other links where to find cuties for our curly natural hair.. besos

                              Statue of Liberty inspired headband get it here  
..pict, from BoutiqueDeBandeaux

Tomoka's  twist has a large selection to accessorize your natural hair

Fan picture form Tomoka's Twist 

This is both a hair tie and headband piece from Afriquelachic.com

These coily branches are flexible and can be manipulated into whatever shape you like! get it here 

100% silk charmeuse. High quality.
Hand-dyed in semi ombre fashion to create levels of golden yellow, red, and purple. from Wasijiru