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miss jessie's products Review/ Reseña de los productos miss Jessie's

I went to an event in LA from Hairs a thought  and lucky me and every one who attend the event, we  received a goodie bag full of goodies, and I when I say full I mean full, lol. I got a full size Miss Jessie products:

Curly Pudding
size: 8oz
Price: $22.00
Baby Buttercreme.
size: 8oz
Price: $32.00
size: 12oz
Price: $16.00
and a Super Sweetback treatment.
size: 16oz
Price: $55.39
plus a Curly meringue (form a FB curly friend, thanks bella)
size: 8oz
Price: $22.0
prices and details from

It was my intention to do a full  review of all these products, but my hair didn't like the Curly pudding or the Babybuttercreme or the Curly Meringue, it felt rough and unmanageable, it seems  that the ingredients on these products are not good FOR MY HAIR, that been said, I used the curly Meringue for my little one  wavy hair and it did give some definition to her hair, "in every wavy is a curl waiting " and amazing result on a braid out.

As a lot of curly girls love the products and as I have a lot of them and my hair didn't like it I decided it to give it as a present to my Beautiful friend Indira and to complete the present combo I did a twist out on dry hair on her, and her hair loved it both the Curly Pudding and Baby Buttercreme, she used them before as a wash n go and she told me her hair felt wonderful.

On my older daughter the result were similar to mine.

We also tried the super Sweetback treatment 

They claim it has growing properties for Naturally curly, kinky and wavy hair, they said the growing properties amplified when used during a steam treatment or under the dryer....

This treatment is very concentrate with a deep sweet non natural bubble gum smell, it did give my hair soft but I wasn't so crazy about it.. I have my doubt about the growing properties but I will continue to use it, and if I see any significant change I will let you know ;)  
The consistency is very thick, a pudding like.
What I don't like about these products is that they do have a lot of chemical, fragrance and other ingredients that may be really good for some hair, but mine reject it, and I say for some, because here are some opinions about the product; for today on I will be adding to my own review so the review can be more fair to all of you hermosas.. ps. I didn't use the shampoo because it has Sulfate on it and I am living a sulfate free life..

 Comments from Facebook
Patricia Tibere: Not sure if it helps out in the growth department as advertised, since I don't use it weekly, but I love the way my curls look and feel after using it. It melts the tangles away, and it's also a great DC to use before blowdrying or applying heat to hair.
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Jennifer Cain: LOVE this product! I have also used their curly pudding and buttercreme. Curly pudding smells amazing and is great for styling my curls. I use the curly buttercreme when my strands are extra parched :-)
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Tenisha Cretel :I tried this but I found the baby sweetback worked better for my 4c hair.
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Nia Muhammad: Liked it, but Rapid Recovery is a much better conditioner
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Evelyn Parham:This is currently the main product line I use. Everything works great for me (creme de la curl & creme, sweetback treatment, buttercremes, curly meringue). I'm testing the Rapid Recovery and Curly Pudding, but I prefer the Super Sweetback treatment so's like a drug. I use it weekly. I like the Curly Meringue as my styler..I use it on soaking wet hair and I never get flakes. Enjoying my hair again, since using these products. It took me some time to figure out how to use the products, but once I figured it out, I discovered it's one of the best lines, I've used to date.
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LaTricia Stoner: I feel like I am where you were Evelyn. I have purchased every product except quick curls. I like the results so far, but I feel like I'm not maximizing their potential. I'm not doing something right, but I'm gonna keep experimenting.
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Joyce Morrison:I just started using this product line, also, and I'm in love with with the sweetback treatment. It makes my 3-type curls feel super soft and super moisturized!
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Gee Dillahunt: It is a staple for me. My curls are so soft and moisturized after I use it. I use it once a week.
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