Monday, October 21, 2013

The Versatility of Natural Hair: Roller Set / Rolos en el Cabello Rizado

Hola chicas, this fall-winter season I will be focusing on the versatility of natural hair, for that reason I will be bringing you different styles. Natural hair is all about playing, having fun and enjoying what mother nature gave us.
It's Roller time

I washed, conditioned and detangled my hair.
I applied leave-in conditioner all over my hair, so I can easily part and work through.
I decided (before starting) what side I wanted my hair to fall on.
I mixed the products all together to make the process a lot easier: Koko du Lait leave-in by Tukka Naturals, Curl love Moisture Milk by Camille Rose and Smooth Down heat glide by Redken
Then just part your hair in sections about 2" wide: Comb, pull, roll and secure.

I used a hair net to keep my rollers in place, then 45 to one hour under the hair drier I go. DO NOT -repeat- DO NOT take your roller set down until they are completely dry.

Scarf from 
How to make your roller set last longer?
  • Don't comb through it
  • Try pinning up at night.
  • Do not use water base products to moisturize your hair.
  1. No quites tus rolos hasta que no estén completamente secos.
  2. No lo peines, usa tus dedos para separarlo.
  3. En la noche es buen idea el hacerte anchoitas, pin up.
  4. No uses humectante diario en base de agua, puedes usar el mismo protector para el calor o algún otro serum que tengas a la mano, así también como aceite de argan.
  5. Si lo tratas no dudes en compartirme tu foto por facebook, me encanta ver sus hermosos pajones