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CARA B NATURALLY review and giveaway / Cara B naturally mi reseña y concurso

Babies have thinner skin than children and adults, and they also have smaller vital organs, so it’s extremely important to take great care when choosing baby products.One best way to care for your babies is making sure that they use safe baby products for their bodies, skin and hair. Organic baby products are proven safe and effective for baby's skins from head to toes. Organic or natural baby products like shampoos and body wash should contain none of the chemical agents that can damage baby's hair and skin like:

  • Paraben
  • Petrolatum
  • Phthalate
  • Sulfate
  • Mineral 
  • Artificial Colors 
  • Fragrances

 All of these harmful chemicals can be commonly found in many popular children's personal care products.
 It is best if we start to take care of our body  when we are babes so that we can grow up with a good the habit .

With tons of good products is hard to choose the right one, well start by reading the label and look for certify natural organic ingredients, look for good customer service, a great family company that speak mamí language, and that exactly what I did.
I tried Cara B naturally and the story behind those products is amazing, let me share it with you:
We came up with the idea for CARA B Naturally after my sister gave birth to her first child- said Kristi Booker  co-founder of Cara B Naturally-  While she was pregnant with him, she discovered how important it was to properly care for herself to make sure that she was protecting him.  She was very careful about everything she put in and on her body switching to only natural and organic products and foods.  Once he arrived, she knew she wanted to continue to protect him by making sure that she was only using natural products to care for him.  
There are tons of good natural skin and hair care products for kids (Burt's Bees, Yes to Carrots, California Baby, etc.),- said Kristi- but at the time, there were none that contained the moisturizing capabilities that his skin and hair needed.  She was left with a choice to either use products that are all-natural but not effective or use products that are effective but contain harsh chemicals.  Not liking these choices, we both started doing a lot of research.  We didn't find any products that filled her need, but we did learn a lot and discovered that there were lots of moms out there looking for the same thing.  That's when we decided to create CARA B Naturally.  My sister's kids are our inspiration...we even use their images on our product labels :).-"how cute is that"?-
CARA B Naturally is a loose acronym for our tagline "Children Are Always Beautiful, Naturally".  It is our firm belief that our children are beautiful exactly the way God created them and there's no need for chemicals of any kind to care for their delicate skin and hair.  We wanted to create something that celebrated and honored their natural beauty.  

Why My girls and I love this products?
  • This products are Certified Natural by the Natural Products Association  which sets the industry standard for what is considered natural and what is not.  
  • Mamí friendly to make our life easier and less jar on the bathroom The  shampoo can  be used as a body wash and is Tear-free,  rich lather, and leave skin and hair super soft.
  • The conditioner is a leave-in...it's one less thing you have to rinse out at bath time, Softens with a light touch, non-greasy and non-oily. 
  • They carry Body lotion, hair mist and soap bar as well.

  • The smell is just amazing.
  • Clinically tested and allergen free.
  • It gives my princesses curly hair a good condition and a daily moisturizer to style their curls instead of butters.
  • Beautiful packaging, look at this..

  • It's good enough for babies, it's good enough for us, the leaving condition is super as a daily leaving..
  • Good affordable  prices..
Ok, ok, to much chat, chat, let's see some pictures.
Amazing Lather 

great detangling and leave-in conditioner for wavy hair

Amazing on Botticelli curls

awesome in kinky curly hair
Cara B is for all type of hair not only curly it just happen that our curls love it..

Para mi reseña en Español, porfis chequeen el video.....

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