Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is natural hair a Trend?

Going around the web I found a post talking about the new trend, referring to Natural Hair; it got my attention really deep, since I just been natural for a WONDERFUL 13 moths, I really wanted to know is this really a trend! At some point for me and I know many women that become natural was a necessity base on many factor: hair damage, moving to another country, hair loss, etc, etc.. and in the process we have learn how beautiful it can be, I feel like rebirth, a true unique me, at the point where I don't even flat iron my hair anymore, This is not a hair style, if you can't accept me you can't accept my hair.

But what  is a Trend anyway.
 (trĕnd) pronunciation
The general direction in which something tends to move.
A general tendency or inclination. 
Current style; vogue: the latest trend in fashion.

A trend or not, one thing is true, every where I go I see more and more natural heads AND I LOVE IT...
Natural hair is embracing  who you's a trend for those who choose for it to be , Is a life style for others
Let's Talk with some  influential women in the natural hair community about it.

Do you think natural hair is  a trend?

Audrey Davis_ Sivasothy  
A trend for some new naturalistas, but not for all. The thing about living natural is that sometimes it demands more of you, and to survive-- to maintain, you have to have some of your heart in it.  That is what keeps you loving your hair when the image looking back at you in the mirror feels foreign. When you are doing something as a trend or fad, no heart is required. You do it superficially, and when a challenge or demand is placed on you concerning it- you fold if your heart is not in it.

I think the influx of new naturalistas hitting the scene is because people are starting to see natural hair as a viable option.  They are seeing it worn in different styles, they are seeing it be healthy, they are seeing it grow!  They are seeing new products, blogs, books, and websites where there weren't many before.  They are seeing positive images of themselves in the media rocking big hair.  They are watching these barriers fall and are willing to at least explore "the trend."  There's a community around it, and a soft place to fall.  That's a huge step!  If it's a trend, I hope that it is one that catches for life.
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Sharon D. Davis  is a friend in our page 

I actually believe it's a trend. I now see entire isles in stores dedicated to natural hair care products, there are now even making natural hair salons because that is where the money is. Everyone is doing the natural hair styles now, and since that is the trend corporations/businesses want to make money off of it. Even clothing lines are making money off of it, natural hair conventions etc. I would love for it to be here to stay but once jobs are more open to allowing people to wear their hair natural it may then be here to stay. But it hasn't been accepted in society in all facets unfortunately. I can't wait for it to become a movement.

Anu Prestonia, owner of Khamit kinks Salon 
Natural hair is not a trend.  It is an evolutionary process of black women awakening to their own aesthetic, their own unique beauty and texture of their hair.  For so long we have tried to emulate the look of the dominate beauty standard only to find that we weren't fulfilled and we could never be or look like who we are not.  So I believe emphatically that natural hair is not a trend instead it's an awakening to what is true and what is real.
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Felicia M. Leatherwood
Don't whine, speak kind to your hair and it will return the favor!

 I can't say if natural hair is a trend or not.  Maybe to some, but I think a lot of others take it very seriously and they are the ones inspiring others.  Natural hair goes deeper for a lot of women of color than just their hair, it has become a freedom of expression.  It's beautiful and poetic.