Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet the Finalist of Huetiful steamer next hair Idol

Good job Huietiful the finalist are beautiful and talented. Meet  India
 She  go by Skye because of her open personality, free spirit and love of life and all things new. she is  located in St. Louis, Missouri but originally from Lafayette, Indiana (where Purdue college is located).

Cuéntame de ti, Because I am of many different races I have a different kind of hair texture and form. When I first moved here to St. Louis people were really mean to me and called me horse, because of my long legs (and big booty) and my pony tails that I wore faithfully everyday. All the way up until freshman year of high school my mom would plait my hair and send me off to school, to endure the taunts and teases of the cruel kids there. Sophomore and junior year I started to explore my personality, I began wearing my hair flat ironed, and getting really into fashion. That summer I colored my hair about 6 different times! Everyone told me it was going to fall out, but I didn't listen and I didn't.

Being the oldest of three girls with long pretty hair, my mom knew how to manage my hair even when it had been damaged by the color. My junior year, in my experimental phase I cut my hair above my shoulders! I absolutely loved it. I wanted to keep it that way until the St. Louis humidity got ahold of my bone straight hair and had me looking like side show bob. I instantly wanted to grow my hair back. Senior year I began to grow my hair back and colored it blonde midway thru. I loved it and everyone else did too. I went from blonde to black and black to blonde about 3 times before I decided that I really needed to get serious about my hair and that I wanted it to be Shakira-long. I said to myself and to my facebook friends : Don't let me cut or color my hair - not even the bangs, by next summer I want to be "drapin." Well no one, including myself held me to my word and last October I colored my hair back black and four months later bleached it back to the brown/blonde/black it is now. I then started nursing school at Chamberlain College of Nursing , BSN program April 2013 graduate and didn't really have time to do things with my hair like I wanted to. I decided in mid-April 2011 that I was done using heat, color and products that aren't natural. I use oils like coconut oil, Vatika oil, olive oil, rosemary, castor oils to name a few every so often in my hair. I use Curls, Mizani and Kinky Curls products in my hair whenever. I have experimented with braidouts, twistouts and curlformers. Because of my hair type, most everything I do works for me. 
I. am so glad to have been chosen as one of the top 5 for the Huetiful Hair Idol Contest, I'm actually ecstatic. I use a lot of holistic practices so I used guided imagery last night and woke up to a WONDERFUL surprise! So I hope, after hearing about my journey  everyone feels a little closer
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