Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feather in your hair..

Feathers are the new Trent right now and there are differences way you can use it...I love the earrings and hair pieces.
 There is also the hair extension : The feathers are usually applied using small metal clasps and and beads they can be washed and styled like regular hair. They last four to 12 weeks, after which they break or fall off.
Spurred on by celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hilary Duff, the feathers-in-the-hair trend has also gained traction recently because of the unusual approaches being taken by stylists.
They are  incorporating more exotica: a yellow and black polka-dotted guinea feather, a long peacock plume in hot pink. they s also offering a process called feather tipping, in which the ends of tiny braids are decorated with a quill or two.
Still, it's not just feathered extensions that are showing up at trendy hot spots these days. Accessories, headbands, cocktail hats and fascinators — especially on the back of a recent royal wedding — are also popular when decorated with plumage. Have Fun is summer time

Tessa Marie

Selena Gomez