Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Curlz behind..

This new book sensation A "Bible" for OUR hair is full of wonderful advise for natural hair care, but who is behind it? the curlz behind this book or the author is,

Audrey Davis-Sivasothy:is a freelance writer and long-time, healthy hair care advocate and enthusiast. A trained Health Scientist, Sivasothy has written extensively on the intricacies of healthy hair care in the black community.  Audrey owns an independent publishing company (Saja Publishing Company) and is the founder of a healthy hair care outreach organization and forum that answers reader's hair care questions and offers scholarships/grants to those pursuing further education and small business opportunities.

Audrey Davis-Sivasothy
Good health is established through a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual constructs. As a Health Scientist by training, my professional skills are focused on helping at-risk communities change adverse health-related behaviors through meaningful educational interventions. The goal is to simply improve the quality of life for the target population. While many of the health interventions Health Scientists plan are in response to traditional clinical ailments such as diabetes or cardiovascular health, we often consider the effects of other factors that negatively impact the quality of life for our target populations. Mental health and self-image are important factors to consider since negative self image has been routinely, positively correlated with poor overall health. Our hair, and how we present it to the world, plays a major role in how we view ourselves as people.

Book Excerpt from The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care:
How Is Our Hair Different?
At the outset of our journey to healthy, vibrant (and long!) hair, we must first understand that our hair is different. Although all hair is chemically composed of the same principal elements, black hair differs from that of other races in the basic shape of the hair fiber and in its compositionthat is, in the percentage and distribution of basic compounds.  Kinky hair often appears thick, tough and coarse, but because of its inherent physical composition, it is not nearly as strong as it appears. Every twist, bend and curl represents a point of weakness and vulnerability along the hair fiber. Black hair requires extra care, especially if it has been compromised by chemical relaxing or coloring. Black hair’s natural tendency toward dryness is another obstacle that must be overcome to achieve longer, healthier hair. Many of us simply do not have the luxury of expecting our hair to gain length as a matter of course. We must take conscious steps to help it along if we want to grow it. Fortunately, with the right information and a proper understanding of textured hair growth and maintenance, we can overcome breakage cycles and achieve healthier hair.
Healthy Hair Begins at Home You are your greatest hair asset. Unless you have a hairstylist in your pocket, you should never completely write off your own responsibility for basic hair care in favor of complete dependence on someone else. You possess an intimate connection with your hair, and no one can possibly care about the health and quality of your hair like you do! You are in the best position to recognize and address simple hair problems because no person alive knows your hair better than you. You know where it has been, and you know where you would like it to go. You can support this process by ensuring that your fundamental understanding of hair care is solid. The Science of Black Hair will help you get to this place.

The Science of Black Hair celebrates the black hair form in its natural state and provides critical information for improving the health and appearance of textured hair in this state. While natural hair avoids some of the basic hair trauma and pitfalls associated with chemical relaxers, curly, kinky, and coily fibers have a unique set of maintenance issues. From basic transitioning strategies and newly natural tips, to advanced natural hair care methods and techniques-- The Science of Black Hair addresses the gamut of natural hair concerns.