Tuesday, November 26, 2013

One year heat free challenge update / Mi cabello lacio despues de un año

I can barely recognize the woman in the mirror, lol, my daughters can't stop staring at me, all this because I am rocking my hair straight today, just for the sake of versatility. I usually straighten my hair once a year because my curly hair totally fits my life style, it is faster to style and I love it that way, but I can't deny that the versatility and health of my natural hair amazes me every day. 
This year, I straightened my hair a little different from last year : I did a roller set and then used the flat iron. I also did a tubi or wrap at bed time.
I used AROSCI 7 days straightening lotion. This lotion is just amazing to straighten your hair while protecting it from heat damage and keep it hydrated . This lotion is very thick and little goes a long way.