Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oily Sweet Hair Mask / Dulce y Aceitosa mascarilla para el cabello

This is one of the easiest and more nourished conditioners ever,  I always apply my natural hair mask and conditioners on dry hair before shampoo, what we call Pre-poo.
  • Coconut oil:  coconut oil nourishes dry and brittle hair, encourages healthy hair growth, prevents hair loss, promotes a healthy scalp, and relieves dandruff. It provides the essential proteins required to nourish dry, damaged hair and rejuvenates the hair very quickly.
  • Honey:  It contains mild alpha hydroxy acids, such as gluconic acid. These acids increase elasticity, and balance out oily skin, in addition, the sugar content in honey makes it an excellent humectant. 
  • Plastic container (optional)
Mix equal parts of honey and Coconut oil according to your hair length, for a better mix and application  heat the ingredients in the microwave; the honey will become liquid making it really easy to work it throughout your hair.
At this moment you can pour the mix in your applicator bottle and apply it on your hair from roots to ends. for better results use a conditioner cap or as I do go for a run and let your natural heat increase the benefits of this amazing conditioner. 
Leave it on for 30 min. to 1 hour, style as usual