Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The perfect mother's day present for each type of natural mom..

I know what you are thinking; what? another classification of natural hair? a natural hair mom? lol, first hair type, and now this? hhahhahha don't panic this clasification is based on the type of personality, if your mom or mamasita fit in more than one, hey .. don't be cheap and give her more than one present, why? because she is not only "la jefa" of the house but a natural mamasita.

The Shea Mom.....
It has got Shea in it? OMG I need to get it, is this Mom that loves Shea, she uses it in her body, lips, elbow, knees and in every hair style you can possibly name. what to give her?
 try anything with shea butter in it, I am giving you some examples to chose from..

Cali Peach Pomade  can be used on both hair and skin! This product gives the shine and control of good old fashion hair grease and the skin protection of a body balm without the icky chemicals.
From the creator or Creme Brulee,, visit their site here

Shea Radiance, this new line is the dream of any Shea lover with a herbal scent is the perfect give for your mom or mamasita, they also have a whole skin line, visit their website and take a tour at their store, I am sure you will find the perfect mother's day give.

Sheamoisture Body line..
You can't go wrong with shea and coconut, right? Sheamoisture bring you the most amazing variety of bar soap, lotions and bath gel, all of them shea butter base and different scent to choose from..
Available at Target and Walgreen.

The product Junkie Mom:...
Guilty, We are a product junkie but  we can't help it, for so many years our hair was traped behind that creamy crack and now, now we can wet our hair and try products, even everyday if we want...How cool is that?
but don't worry you don't have to buy your Mom a hundreds products, instead get her a subscription to CURLBOX, what is it? find out here..

The earring lover....
Every natural Mom love to accessorize her natural hair look, here are some of the most cool hand crafted earrings, I personally buy from them and they have maximum quality, fast and secure buying.
PS. I am only posting one picture, but they have a lot to choose from...

The Most have Mom...
This Mom like any thing that is in trend right now, either is the ultimate Huetiful steamer, the new ipad or a kindle fire to catch all her favorite Facebook page, twitter, youtube video, pinterest, etc...The latest natural products on the market, bold color fashion, a Juicer etc.. be creative and do your reseach online to find out what's HOT.

The litterateur Mom...
Your Mom has natural hair and she love to read, what's best is to give her some books for mother's day, here are some of the most famous books about curly, natural hair ..


The accessorite  Mom....
this mamasita loves to accessorize her curls with unique pieces, in this post That I wrote last month you will find the perfect one to make her happy..

Keep the list going on the comment box, all you have to do is leave this  page "accidentally"open on your computer  ♥♥