Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holidays Natural hair style by Mahogany Hair Revolution/ estilo con el pelo natural por, Mahogany Hair revolution

Christmas is here and sometime we think that only an straight look is  refine and good for a party or any especial occasion. Thanks to some collaboration I will post some natural style....
No solo el pelo lacio es sexy y apropiado para las festividades, Gracias a varias colaboraciones les traere varios estilos con el pelo natural.

is a natural hair salon located in LA 

 The owner is Dr. Kari (Trichologist)

Natural hair Holidays 
(style by Dr. Kari)- Cornrow styles can be fun and flirty for the holidays. Be creative with funky braided up-dos to give your holiday look a little pizazz.

(style by Dr. Kari)
(style by Nombuso Mkhize)

Curls are always Fun! It doesn't matter how tight or loose your natural curls are, you can enhance your curls by setting your hair on flexi rods. Use a light setting foam for hold and sit under the dryer for 45min-1hour (the time varies on how thick and long your hair is, but make sure your hair is DRY before removing the rods) Also make sure you roll your rods perpendicular to the scalp for an even tight curl.

For tighter curl patterns, blow dry your hair first on a warm setting to lengthen curls; section hair into medium sized box parts and add setting foam to the sections. Proceed with rolling the sections with rods and allotting the appropriate drying time.